V116 redirector or localhost

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    V116 redirector or localhost

    Is there any of these without Trojans?
    I don't believe people telling me that its just fake, I have been through this before.
    I do not want a virus in my computer, not taking the risk for a PS.

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    Re: V116 redirector or localhost

    The ones on Ragezone do not have trojans. They are just false-positives. If a program has something that it injects, then it usually is detected by most anti-virus software. Redirectors inject the loopback dll, and LEN injects a dll for BlackCipher/HS. If you don't trust it still, then don't download it. Localhosts are also picked up as false-positives. So, you're kinda screwed if you want to continue in MapleDev.

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    Re: V116 redirector or localhost

    Scan a normal MapleStory.exe for v83, clean.
    Make it into a localhost and set ip to w/e and scan it = false posititve.

    It wont harm you in anyway, unless you know, you do infact download a virus one ! ;)

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    Re: V116 redirector or localhost

    Pretty much summed up above.

    Unless your computer shits bricks after you downloaded it and starts to foam, then it won't harm your computer at all.

    You can trust the MapleDev section. We would NEVER steer you wrong.