[Dboor] Arab, Dboor spy & catapult fix

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    [Dboor] Arab, Dboor spy & catapult fix

    [Dboor] Arab,  Dboor spy & catapult fix
    Hi is someone know or can share how to fix Arab or Dboor tribes spies ? When I spy an enemy and he have spy too they need to fight but on these 2 tribes it doesn't work, I can use 1 spy and scout an enemy with 200 spy and I dont lose poor spy...

    also catapults doesnt work properly. I have using https://github.com/weeric/Dboor
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    Re: [Dboor] Arab, Dboor spy & catapult fix

    Quote Originally Posted by Gladius16 View Post
    How to install Dboor version?
    Write down the progress of the installation me please how this version to be installed because I am running servers.
    There is no progress in DBoor installation, its just a simple code.