Advertising Options and Pricing

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    Advertising Options and Pricing

    At the moment, at least in my general opinion, the pricing for most of the banner options are too obsolete. Pricing for server costs has dramatically decreased within the past 5 years and as a result, we got more people hosting their game servers. RZ still brings in a good amount of users but the pricing on the banners doesn't seem to make sense when competing websites (such as top voting forgein mmo dev website, and even 4chan of all places) offers cheaper advertising prices. I personally believe it's not worth the cost and would explain why no one's looking into getting those slots, I haven't seen a global ad for a long while now.

    Also while we're at it. I think it would be nice if more advertising features can be added in as well. For example in Forgein mmo dev websites they have "square" ads roaming on the left and right side of the website globally. I recently got the pricing for the slots and they are 70% cheaper than what RZ can offer. Because one of our servers has a Korean Audience, we're looking forward to getting that square ad .

    Now that @MentaL is starting to come back. I think it's the perfect time to discuss about this.
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    Re: Advertising Options and Pricing

    I am always open to offers and is there but I will decrease the amount . Thank you for the input.
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    feel free to send me a better list with updated info :)