Ragezone Search Trick (since search is still OOC)

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    Support Ragezone Search Trick (since search is still OOC)

    Ragezone Search Trick (since search is still OOC)
    since the search is still not working as of nov 2020, I thought I would pass a WWW search trick that has been around for years, and easily usable for ragezone.

    in the address bar simply put

    [search criteria + logical operators(optional)] site: [website.com]

    "pirate galaxy" site:ragezone.com

    This works with any site on the web. I personally use it a lot if I narrowed it down to a site that should have what I am looking for.

    It is pretty much the same way search engines spider a site.

    While many may know this tip, hopefully it will help others that do not, and want to find something on RZ.

    I did not put in a bug/ problem, as I am sure the RZ staff are aware of the search issue, and will fix it when they get time. In the mean time, this should help people stay here longer and keep searching what they want.