We have finished providing free updates from our customers since January 1, 2021 up until July 30, 2021.
We have fixed the licensing error as well as the missing texts from the launcher.
This update was free.

The following customers has not claimed their updates yet, please contact us and provide us your Paypal transaction.
Open up your ticket in our discord server or create a new one.
Cabal Rose
Cabal Zeleph
Flyff Intercore
Soulworker Original
Dekaron Cosmos
Mu Legends CoIL
Ran Online PH
Shaiya Core
Aion Old School
BDO Hac Kiem
Cabal Heaven
Maple Winter Story
Cabal Gaming
Dekaron Universe
Soul Worker TH
CDZ SaintSeiya
Dekaron Kingdom
Nemesis Fiesta```
Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience this caused.