Before You Post [Please Read]

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    ! Before You Post [Please Read]

    Before You Post [Please Read]
    This is a summary of everything you need to consider and take care of before you create a new Thread or reply to an existing one in one of the Ace Online Sections!

    1. Check if your Post exists already
      This is the most important part that can make you skip any of the below mentioned points!
      Most probably the thing you want to talk about / the question you have has already been posted on this Forum.
      Search for your question / post before you post it!

    2. Categorize your Post
      We have several sub sections and they don't exist because they look cool. What do you plan to do?:

      Threads in wrong sections will be moved without warning.

    3. Check the sub-section Stickies
      Before posting your thread, read the Threads that are sticked to the sub sections (The threads you always see on top).
      Sub-Sections may have more things for you to consider before posting (for example: The Help Section requires you to tag solved Questions with "[Solved]"). So make sure you take those under consideration aswell before you post!

    4. Post what's in the title
      Check what the Thread you want to post in is about! If the thread is about a question and you start discussing about server development, it will be hard to find what you were discussing about later. It is not obvious by the Thread titel and cannot be found by search engines. That again increases the risk of duplicates.
      Stay on-topic! If you encounter another problem while solving your old one, post a new Thread! If you have a problem with a Release, post a new Thread about it in the Help Section and link the Release Thread.

    5. Do not ask for / post contact details (Skype, Facebook, Mail, etc.)
      Keep the discussion on the board. Give others a chance to contribute on your topic aswell and do not ask someone who replied to you for contact details.
      If you really want to talk with someone privately you can send him a private message.

    6. Be constructive!
      Always maintain a constructive language in your posts! This is not the place for begging / trolling / making fun of anyone. We are all here because we somehow enjoyed this game so much that we became interested in developing it. It doesn't matter how experienced someone is, if he's willing to put effort into researching / teaching himself things, he deserves the same respect you do.
      Please avoid posting unconstructive one-liners (meaning your post only consists of a single line like: "Haha nice, thank you :P :v Add me on skype!" or "This is bullsh*t"). This doesn't really help anyone and is as good as not posting something at all. It's also considered spamming and you will be punished for it.
      If you want to thank someone, press the like button on his post and/or give him some Reputation!

    None of these rules make any of the Forum Rules or the Ace Online Rules less compelling!

    Make sure you consider all of the above, before you reply to a Thread or create a new one. Recurring failures to comply with these simple rules will result in infractions!