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    How To Search

    How To Search
    This is a clean and simple walk through of how to use the search function to find results in the Ace Online sections! It has been posted already, but the old functions as well as the the design changed a little.

    If you wish to have a quick search at what you're looking for

    1. Go to the forum which you want to search through
    2. Open the "Search Forum" Option
    3. Enter your Keyword and choose what you are looking for (Posts or Threads)
    4. Search!

    Using the Advanced Search Function

    1. Choose the "Advanced Search" option as shown in this picture

    2. Choose to search for Single Content Types

    3. Enter your searching criteria and fire the search button!

    Both of these methods will lead you to a site that shows matching threads / posts to the searching criteria you specified. It is not hard to decipher!

    This should be easy to follow for everyone. It is mandatory to be done before you open a new Thread / duplicate an existing one!