[Release] ACE GroupTex Editor + Source Github in C#

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    thumbs up [Release] ACE GroupTex Editor + Source Github in C#

    GroupTex Editor is tool for edit Res-Tex/group.tex
    80% of client interface was control by it.

    Tool make with C# (.Net 4.5)

    Featues :
    - Auto calculate width/height/rotate/rect/bunch of vector/scale
    - render mode (if link with interface.tex it will show what interface look like)
    - newbie friendly

    all you need is just put image name and position X Y. that is tool concept.
    Screen shot
    Interface Edit
    Control Edit
    sample interface when edit:ott1:
    About source detail unfix or develop drop list ( for who want to fix or use it)

    there are many thing i didn't fix. but it's not critical bug.
    - [Drop] Create/Clone GroupTex files (but you can use Atumzipper to clone group file then rename and save. after that you can open with this tools.
    - [Drop] Auto calculate image bg/border/line type like "hhbox" that have percent scale
    -[Bug] after create new image/button. the auto calculate button will return width/height to -1. (you need you switch to other element then switch back for make it work.

    Source & EXE on github :