Esper Animations To PWI

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    note Esper Animations To PWI

    Esper Animations To PWI
    Hello, i got a problem about importing espers\genies

    My problem is about importing JD espers to PWI.
    I want the espers to have the same animations as JD has once i import them in PWI
    Like the firmus or any other genie thats spinning around.

    Prob. 1

    When i try to put the .SMD of lets say the Firmus in a gfx, and try to spawn it in pwi
    through the console, it wont even show it for me, i checked all paths etc,
    So i dont know anymore whats wrong.

    Prob. 2

    Now i found the esper Soul Scepter thats supposed to be animated like this:
    You see its spinning around in all kinds of ways

    But instead its like this:

    I also put in the ModelActName in the gfx:
    But still nothing is happening.

    So someone i know told me that inside the ecm of this soul scepter, that all the animations are linked inside the ecm, and that i have to link in a ecm another ecm so the first ecm does the animations, but how do i link a .ecm in another .ecm?

    I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this, ty in general

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    Re: Esper Animations To PWI

    I can help ale drop here a file with jd