Released JD 17-18 factions

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    Re: Released JD 17-18 factions

    This version has a remote files.,, gs, gdeliverd, gfactiond, glinkd. Most important is the gs file. This this the most important file as it stores the characters for the game. Without this file we can not convert it to a linux distro. The data files are verified against the gs file so having a 16 server gs file would not work. The database files you are talking about are created automatically if they do not exist when the server starts up. Its probably created from the mysql /mssql database library. Having the files from 16 server would not allow you to play the 19th class.
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    Re: Released JD 17-18 factions

    Quote Originally Posted by Wrechid View Post
    Here is a clean v4.5.0 English client that will work with this 1660 server...

    Please help mirror...
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    Re: Released JD 17-18 factions

    Hi! Something server 4.5.0 was abandoned? No new ideas? I never managed to put the server on the SQL, because of some compatibility issues. Can someone upload folders for Windows 7 with a completely finished server 4.5.0 on the MS SQL with all the folders installed on the disk? So that I can just run it from the working version, just so that there are no viruses.

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    Re: Released JD 17-18 factions

    Still looking for linux version, this version not good at all.

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    Re: Released JD 17-18 factions

    This version is no good... Can't edit clsconfig and many other things... Waist of forum...
    This FORUM is poorly run, and suks...

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