Editing *.DDS Files Extensions

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    Editing *.DDS Files Extensions

    Editing *.DDS Files Extensions
    Well if you trying to open *.DDS files extension in photoshop you will get counter message like this image

    So to solve that you may follow instruction bellow.
    Software needed :

    • Photoshop

    After downloaded Nvidia texture tools from link given, install that application as usual software installment mostly, but make sure your photoshop base directory is correct.

    After that, next install and click finish button.

    Open your photoshop application and now you can try drag and drop your *.DDS files to photoshop. after that a counter message will appear

    just select Load Using Default Sizes, or as you needed. then click "OK"

    you can load your *.DDS files into photoshop, now you can edit your image as u wanted

    The next Question is How to save it?

    After edited you can follow this step

    1. Click File and select Save, or Ctrl+S for shortcut.
    2. next you will see this tab Choose a directory to save your edited *.DDS file, and dont't forget to change Save as Type as *.DDS extension like that image, then click Save.

      Now you will meet this setting tab to decide which dds Format you want to save.

      Choose as you need, but make sure it's supported to read your image inside game and click Save. and u finished. ^_^

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    Re: Editing *.DDS Files Extensions

    You can also use the "paint.net" software at getpaint, it automatically supports *.dds image extensions.
    The software is free for those who can't afford photoshop, and works amazingly!
    Paint.NET - Free Software for Digital Photo Editing
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