[Application] Silkroad Online

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    [Application] Silkroad Online

    [Application] Silkroad Online
    Arthur G


    United Kingdom

    Contact Methods:
    Discord: Artuuro#6727 (prefered)
    Skype: Artuuro_lv (pointless to try contacting..)
    E-Mail: arthur@little.town

    Availability Times:
    Monday-Friday: 9AM - 7PM (+0GMT)
    Saturday-Sunday: Entire Day (+/-)
    * note that I'm doing my daily web-developer job (WFH) so I'm not 24/7 behind screen of RageZone - availability times are specified as the time I'm normally online and around.

    Section(s) Applying For:
    Silkroad Online

    Reason for Applying:
    I believe I could manage it pretty well and give a little "boost".
    There are many outdated threads, many broken releases full of viruses and I really don't see anybody taking much care of that.

    Previous Moderation Experience:
    Paradise Silkroad online - over 2 years of running 3k > users online daily.
    https://silkroad.pw - Silkroad Online private server & discord community.

    Previous Forum Experience:
    Let's not discuss that...

    RaGEZONE 'History':
    Silkroad Online is currently the only section I'm basically using on RageZone - I've been here for pretty very long time and seen all the ups and downs. Initially I came here because of Mu Online, that was so long time ago that I don't even remember anymore what was the exact reasons..

    Why I Should Be Hired:
    I'm intended to do fair & always "step-ahead" decisions regarding my taken actions on the forums, I don't see this as an opportunity - instead just see a dead section that I used to love using and I wish to put some work of mine into it.

    What Makes Me Different:
    Nothing makes me different - I'm just as human as you are or anyone else - I haven't came here to show off or measure with something.

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    Re: [Application] Silkroad Online

    Your application is quiet weak,

    1- You want to be a mod but don't have time!?!

    2- Not sure what releases you are talking about that have viruses, pretty bold claim, there hasn't been much releases in years in that section (on RZ).

    3- You don't want to discuss your "Previous Forum Experience" yet applying for a mod on a forum!?!

    I understand that you wont be doing this as a full time job, but at least put some effort into your application to allow the possibility of you getting accepted. Being a mod on RZ is quiet special, and comes with some great responsibilities, and Currently your application is more like "meh, if they accept ok, if not, whatever", if that's how you see it, then kindly delete your thread, thanks.
    I DO NOT HAVE/OWN/BUY/SELL files or anything related!

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    Re: [Application] Silkroad Online

    Previous Forum Experience:
    Let's not discuss that...

    you killed me in this section xD

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    Re: [Application] Silkroad Online

    Well both of you have misunderstood the point till now - you shall read the template that was provided for posting this to understand.

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    Re: [Application] Silkroad Online

    -1 Choice of approach

    I honestly don’t think another moderator is really needed due to there being a good variety of moderators overseeing that section. If you go to that section and scroll down, you’ll see that there’s more than 4 odd moderators watching it.

    I really don't see anybody taking much care of that.
    I find what you said to be the most interesting thing in this thread so far since I’m sure to promise you that it may not look like it but they’re spread out throughout the forums. I would also recommend checking the main section at the top of the forum as it maintains of a roster which displays each section and who is overseeing those, and not to mention that there’s several active Super Mods and a supervisor or two who are also checking on a daily basis.

    You also seem to have another interesting point throughout your application being the following:
    I haven't came here to show off or measure with something.
    . This shows something of flavour and yet you’re declaring that you could possibly boost the section and that with the amount of staff in it, that it’s “dead”. It does seem a little contradicting, wouldn’t you say?

    Then @Jangan being highly correct about the availability, so what makes it possible for you to “boost”? Or to even show anything different from what’s been provided already, and how would you execute these ‘changes’ efficiently with a high transparency level to attract those?

    Then you have the part for where you don’t wish to indulge everyone in your past experience as this is something nice to read into it, for which it’s there to help understand your capabilities; although it’s obvious that “show don’t tell” is the best way to go.

    It would also be nice to have some references regarding contributions to be seen as well, and I’m highly aware that it’s not necessary but would be nice to see since you’ve been here for a long time! I honestly think in the high end of the spectrum that your application lacks in a lot of defining materials or resources that truly shows or speaks for what you’re planning to offer... if not then do correct me as I could be missing the point but I’m only briefing on what I’ve seen, and that being: Contradicting, Transparency, work ethics and finally information.
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    Re: [Application] Silkroad Online

    In the applicant's defense: there was one Silkroad moderator at the time he posted this application. We're making some changes, as you can see. This is also the reason why there's no response from a super moderator in this application.
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    Re: [Application] Silkroad Online

    In addition to what @Biesmen said, I'd like to remind users that the report button exists for such situation where woefully inexperienced and incompetent Moderators such as myself need to be enlightened and alerted to the forum user's plight. Please make use of it, since I've seen no such reports. ;)
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