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    AntaresFlyff » [Midrate]

    AntaresFlyff » [Midrate]

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    Re-Launch: 12-14 at 06:00pm (GMT-3)

    AntaresFlyff is a mid-rate server, with several years of experience, the staff will try to make Antares one of the top Flyff's server with innovation and fun.

    Exp Rate: 250x - Drop Rate: 50x - Penya Rate: 500x

    [Offline Shop]

    Antares allows you to leave your character vending your items while your game client is off.

    [Pet Assist]

    Antares Flyff has an exclusive Assists, Ringmasters and Seraphs Pet, which keeps you healed and buffed with buffs according to it's class.

    [System Baruna]

    User-friendly baruna system, makes your life easier while upgrading and adding runes in your baruna items.


    Vote shop items ingame.

    [Cash Shop]

    Press L is all you have to hit to access our Cash Shop, and buy items wherever you are.

    [Sell Greens and Blues]

    Sell all your blue or green items with a single click!

    [Walk with wings]

    You can equip your wings and walk, and whenever you want to Fly, all you have to do is Jumping twice, and pressing shift to get back on the ground.

    [Arena Score]

    Also for every kill streak, you'll hear awesome sounds like: "Monster Kill", "GodLike" and etc..


    Full Wiki.


    Teleport System


    PetFilter System


    PartyFinder System


    • Each character has it's unique voice.

    • Multi Language Client

    • 170 inventory slots

    • Guild Buffs

    • No P2Win

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