Dragon Crusade [LowRate]

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    Dragon Crusade | Launch July 10th | FWC 2020

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    Re: Dragon Crusade [LowRate]

    We are currently preparing for the new Dragon Rank update that's coming soon.

    Watch the trailer for the upcoming patch:

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    Re: Dragon Crusade [LowRate]

    Enjoy the trailer of the upcoming Dust Cave patch.
    Collect White Crusher in Fireland to enter the new dungeon.

    You will be rewarded with Dragon Rank EXP scrolls and power-ups.

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    Re: Dragon Crusade [LowRate]

    Exciting trailers! Can't wait to play :D

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    Re: Dragon Crusade [LowRate]

    Joined 2 days ago. Pretty chill server.

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    Re: Dragon Crusade [LowRate]

    #Patch Notes 18.08.2019

    - Dryad/Bileire 1on1 set (Knight lvl 125) added to Crystal Labyrinth.
    - [Questitem] White Crusher is now tradeable.
    - Goku Hair (Black), Goku Hair (Blue), Goku Hair (Purple), Goku Hair (Red), Goku Hair (White) added.
    - New Ice Dragon Models added.
    - Training Spirit of the Smelting Udi can now be deleted.
    - Fix client crash caused by teleporting into dungeons.

    #Patch Notes 30.08.2019

    - Add new Crystal Demon Cave dungeon (Dragon Rank 30).
    - Increase white crusher drop rate after dragon rank 30.
    - Add new meteo dungeon design (beta).
    - Add PvP balancing system (will be used in the next patch).
    - Add promo gift code system (For events like gamescom).
    - Add stackable beads system.
    - Add GW-Point reward for PvP Rumble. (10 Points)
    - Fix item destruction after upgrade from 3 to 4.
    - Fix clear mail button (UI).
    - Fix lord bank. (Database saving fix).
    - Fix client crash caused by teleporting into dungeons.
    - Fix client crash while loading guilds.
    - Disable meteo shout (testing).
    - School Event Cloak and Cloak of Bravery added to [Dragon Chip Dealer] Jeff.
    - Diablo Shield Skin fixed.
    - Diamond Necklace Lucky Box added to [Red Chip Merchant] Wafor (DR.35 required).
    - Mysterious Crystal added for Crystal Demon Cave.
    - Crystal Demon Cave Monster added.

    #Patch Notes 06.09.2019

    - Add guild siege spawn save time of 2.5sec.
    - Add max buffs for the siege and rumble buff pang.
    - Add logs if a GM closes offline vendors.
    - Add new fog sfx effects for upcoming maps.
    - Add additional PvP Rumble times for the US. (UTC+2 9:45PM, 2AM, 6AM)
    - Add new guild siege time for the US (Tuesday 8 PM UTC-5)
    - Change siege points message from system message to user message.
    - Fix one day VIP reset time.
    - Fix teleporter lvl desc. of the basilisk dungeon.
    - Crystal Demon Cave monster penya adjusted
    - Scroll of Experience ( Weapon Level ) did get new icon.

    #Patch Notes 11.09.2019

    - Update PvP Rumble map.
    - Add random treasure in the pvp arena (1h respawn time. PowerScrolls and Keys).
    - Add pvp rumble times (UI).
    - Add dust cave monsters to dragon rank 5 (more player dmg with higher DR).
    - Improve worldbuff server performance.
    - Lucky Book Model (Skins) Donate Box added.
    - Echoes of the Weary (Sleep) cooldown and duration changed.
    - Increase jester pvp dmg by 30%.
    - Increase Dust Cave boss drop rate by 2x.

    #Patch Notes 13.09.2019

    - Update PvP Rumble info text.
    - Update Guilde Siege times info text.
    - Disable speed worldbuff until fixed. (Could be cause of ghost dc's)
    - Reduce siege point req. for GW points.
    - Increase lord bank donation shout limit. (1mrd)

    #Patch Notes 19.09.2019

    - Add auto badge system for master, hero, legend hero.
    - Fix PK DMG reduction for Rumble and PvP Arena ("Ranger Bug").
    - Change guild siege text color to green.
    - Unstable Flask of the Warrior effect changed to 8%.
    - Unstable Flask of the Magician effect changed to 8%.
    - Unstable Flask of the Acrobat effect changed to 8%.
    - Event Token do not disappear after relog anymore.
    - Activition added to Collector field.
    - Ultimate Card Text fixed.

    #Patch Notes 24.09.2019

    - Add PvP Rumble join window (teleports you to the Rumble if you signed up).
    - Add weapon level exp scroll and donate treasure to dust cave.
    - Change kalgas egg spawn position (first stage).
    - Change guildwar msg color.
    - Fix arrow connect bug.
    - Fix secret room server crash.
    - Fix guild load client crash (mostly in dungeons).
    - Fix guild war points gain (some guilds did not get their points)
    - Increase premium and scroll of faster pet speed.
    - Increase basilisk entries to 4.
    - Decrease basilisk gear score to 6000.
    - Decrease min. dust cave gearscore to 5500.
    - Add maintenance mode system (security).
    - Add guild siege obstacle in the middle.
    - Event Tokens can no longer be donated to the guild bank
    - Unstable Flasks desciption fixed
    - Dragon Cloak Quest 8 and 9 Guardians changed
    - Shiny Behemoth's Shield and Behemoth's Shield can now be upgraded normally
    - 16x16 Icons added for Rumble
    - Modern Style Furniture Lucky Box added for VoteShop
    - Grab bag (Utility) tickets (1 day) removed
    - Grab bag (Utility) Remantis Laccotte added
    - Grab bag (Utility) Scroll of Custody chance greatly reduced
    - Grab bag (Pet Accessories) Scroll of Custody chance greatly reduced
    - 12 new tiles added for Fire Land, for example: kill 15.000 Auraclaw to get title: Auraclaw Hunter
    - Lucky Donate Treasure added for donation shop
    - 4% Cards added to Treasure (4% Card)
    - B Cards added to Treasure (B Card)
    - Element Cards added to Lucky Stack (Element Card)
    - Update glow change text.
    - Update shop name and dungeon enter texts.

    #Patch Notes 25.09.2019

    - Fix bag client crash.
    - Add kalgas back teleport.
    - Update kalgas bridges.
    - Replace party scroll in donate treasure with Love Chocolate.

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    Re: Dragon Crusade [LowRate]

    Fresh Start

    We are excited to announce that we will be hosting the Flyff World Championship this year.
    We will be using the Season concept for this purpose. On the 10th of July we will open the Season Server.

    We wish you a lot of fun playing the Season and look forward to seeing you in the FWC Tournament.

    Dragon Crusade Seasons
    • A Season is a new server where you can have a fresh start.
    • Your current characters will still be accessible on the old server.
    • The season will run until the FWC tournament has ended and when the community decides to merge.
    • When the season ends all characters from both servers will be merged together.

    FWC 2020 Tournament
    • The tournament will begin two months after season start.
    • To qualify for the tournament your guild has to win one guild siege.
    • Your guild leader will then be able to register your guild in discord.
    • When too many guilds apply we will decide by guild siege points.
    • Now the draw will determine which guilds will compete against each other.
    • The tournament will be conducted by a bracket system.
    • Each match will be a between two guilds.
    • The winner of the tournament is the guild that remains at the end.

    Whats new on the server?

    • We added a lot of new content over the last months.
    • You can checkout our features when you click on features in the top menu

    Do you still have questions?
    • Join our Discord Server and chat with us.
    • You can also contact us on facebook.