How to Create Giftbox

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    How to Create Giftbox

    Hello Ragezone community. i wanna ask if there someone know how do i create a giftbox box or Item Box with Weapon or Armor Set per Jobs

    if you open the box if your jobs is Mercenary you will get a weapon and set for mercenary

    if someone share it thankyou so much big respect.

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    Re: How to Create Giftbox

    A little searching goes a long way
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    Re: How to Create Giftbox

    along with what Ketchup has added you could do another method,
    PackItem        II_SYS_SYS_BX_TWNLEVELUP120BX        0 
        II_SYS_SYS_SCR_EXPSCROLL03_07        0    1
        II_ARM_S_CLO_MAS_FASHIONGLASS02        0    1
    Add the pack item (in this case it's "II_SYS_SYS_BX_TWNLEVELUP120BX") to the defineitem.h and your prop/spec_items.txt file and if you want it to have a drop perhaps the If I recall right?

    with in the "{ }" add the items you want from the box?

    Keep in mind I haven't done this sort of thing in a long time.
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