Attention Upcoming Servers, Beta Servers, "Grand Opening" servers!

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    Attention Upcoming Servers, Beta Servers, "Grand Opening" servers!

    We have a section for these servers here!, posting them here will result in your thread being deleted, and/or infractions will be given.
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    Re: Attention Upcoming Servers, Beta Servers, "Grand Opening" servers!

    A quick clarification from me,

    Any server that has NOT become officially live/launched (this includes BETA testing) belongs in Upcoming Servers.

    Using beta testing as an excuse to have your server in the 'live' sections will not work and may result in your advert being either deleted or moved. Further rule breaking could even get you an infraction.

    Finally, as always remember to read the section rules and any other stickied threads you may find useful. If you're uncertain of something don't hesitate to contact myself or any of the other free mmo team.


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