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    Well, I decided to finally release my first CMS to this community. This took rather long to get released, but I wanted to make this the "second" Cype CMS. So I put a lot of work into this CMS; Security, Flexibility, Simplicity. This CMS has some powerful resources that not any other maplestory websites uses(which are publicly release that is). This was a design which Devon created for MapleAeon so I took it to make it to a reality(regardless of the messy PSD file xD). MapleAeon and I seperated afterwards and Prabh manage to obtain revision 6 of this CMS, which I was pissed later on because they/were using it for their server without my permission, so after me going ghost I decided to work on the unfinished CMS and complete it, and the results were good. Hope you enjoy it ;P.

    • Extremely flexible to the user's likings.
    • Integration of SammyJS, JQuery TE plugin, etc..
    • Doesn't break website if not connected to database
    • fast performance
    • MapleVotingJS-1.0(Revamped faster, more secured, and more features)
    • Cookie System integration
    • Custom Announcement System
    • Character Info Concept(First of its kind)
    • Admin Panel/User Panel/Profile Names
    • Supports Multi-Worlds, Alliances, and Marriages
    • Supports latest browsers:(Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox)(Some support for IE9)
    • Uses Jquery, and AJAX, PHP 5.4(some components not all)
    • Much more!

    Rev 14:
    • Added ports in settings.json (statusPort)(not available to edit on website yet)
    • Fixed register UI
    • Properly fixed the salt problem(The fixes in the thread are somewhat right but they're not done correctly.)
    • Fixed the MapleVotingJS "undefined" problem
    • Fixed some CSS styling on Firefox
    • Fixed Placeholder on IE
    • Fixed border issue and scrolling arrows on textarea in cpanel on IE
    • Fixed Firefox bug with textarea's width
    • Added some missing gradient support on cpanel for IE
    • Fixed a check on top.php(nothing big)
    • Added tons of protections to all the mapleVotingJS's PHP files(block direct access but allow AJAX reading)
    • Organized core.class.php
    • Added account limitation to settings.json(accountLimit)(not available to edit on website yet)
    • Shorten the some job names(started to break top5 layout, thanks RequiemStory for helping me find that bug:hover over "Consultant" to replicate the bug)

    Revision 13:
    • Optimized overall.JS
    • Finally fixed a major bug I had since I made settings through JSON..(when value changed, it makes it one line instead of how it is)(Solution: JSON_PRETTY_PRINT)
    • Added a check to top 5 ranking(if not connect to db, it doesn't run the loop, this also fixes the 'Website doesn't break' feature)
    • Added a message if you are not connected to database to reconnect.
    • Added a lot of check on profile name & if logged in & admin access
    • Fixed Warp character input UI and ajax handling
    • Updated to latest version of SammyJS(0.7.4)
    • Fixed the breaking of CMS when logging in without a database

    Revision 12(Fix and optimize before public release):
    • Upgrade jQueryTE to latest version(1.0.6)
    • Fixed News System editing
    • Optimized/cleaned up 70% of overallJS's coding(Run methods for specific pages not all at once)
    • Fixed Top 5 Ranking hovering problem(forgot I used data() to store charInfo)
    • Optimized Top 5 ranking coding to three lines instead of eight (unbelievable.. lmao)
    • Implemented editing for website messages(WelcomeMSG, and sideMSG)(AdminPanel)
    • Created a PHP function to shorten the calling of json setting(support mulitple setting calling)
    • COMPLETELY revamped top 5 ranking, more optimized, secured, and faster performance(old:Chop – Post code, write notes and share feedback, new:Chop – Post code, write notes and share feedback)
    • Cleaned World feature
    • Fixed a bug when marriage is disable the world attributes is place in the marriage position([!$checkMarriage ? 7 : 8])

    Revision 11(Focusing on Announcement System):
    • Implemented jQueryTE plugin
    • Now news are editable through admin panel(thanks to jqueryTE)
    • Revamped the setupAnnouncement function(less coding, optimized, removed useless features)
    • Announcement JSON data handling been optimized tons!
    • Implemented Admin profile Name
    • Added 'Set your profile name to activate admin features' to all admin function
    • Optimized checks in all admin functions
    • Announcement System now supports profile name when creating news
    • Added edit/remove/add news
    • Completed admin panel(beta, still need to add more checks..)

    Revision 10(development on character info):
    • Revamped char info completely(now uses gms-like char info window)
    • Implemented Name and char Image on charInfo
    • Implemented character stats(level, fame, job, marriage)
    • Optimized/Removed tons of repeated coding lines to mapleVotingJS(functions created)
    • Fixed download/ranking button & tip positioning on Firefox
    • Fixed a PDO statement calling and added a check on unregistered columns(ipcheck) on register page
    • Fixed a major bug with mapleVotingJS(had to open voting dialog first to get the charinfo to work or else charinfo didn't work)
    • Added checks if the necessary voting table doesn't exist
    • Added Website feature toggle system(Marriages, alliances, multi-world toggling, perfect for all sources :D!)
    • Tons of check been added into top 5 ranking(the website feature toggling :D)
    • Merged 2 images together (removed 1 request on website load)
    • Fixed Player online bar from overflowing from parent (ex.playerlimit is 1 and there two online)
    • Implemented Personal character's public messaging system (for CharInfo)

    Revision 9:
    • Added option to modify settings through admin panel(easy to use, add security to POST)
    • Made website compatible without database connection(many other cms breaks the design if DB doesn't connect)
    • If you're logged in and mapleVotingJS pops up, displays the last time you voted
    • Incredibly optimized job array & getJobByID function (no more foreach!)

    Revision 8:
    • Optimized Overall.js (caching, cleaned window.$s into an array, etc..)
    • Internet Explorer 9 support
    • Added an overlay to MapleVotingJS
    • Fixed/Optimized News Concept
    • Added getting settings values that's non existing into logging system
    • Optimized core class(Removed useless calling, found some alternatives.)
    • Removed SammyJS's outputting when mapleVotingJS sends a POST or GET
    • MapleVotingJS properly run the pages it needs(It ran #/vote everytime so fixes cpanel related popup..)
    • Removed old voting link concept, added new option(just input voting link in setting.json)

    Revision 7:
    • Fixed top 5 ranking cache
    • Fixed top5 ranking layout(job title extended it)
    • Implemented mapleVotingJS-1.0b2(Input fixes, css cleanup, cpanel pages fixes, layout fixes)
    • Implemented mapleAdminAuth system(beta)
    • Added keys into json (encoded in php files)
    • Fixed footer
    • BasicAdmin concept
    • Cleaned welcomeMSG for cpanel (styling CSS)
    • Implemented Announcement System
    • Fixed cpanel's changing password messaging style(didn't see that xD)
    • Design credits added to footer
    • URL Param. check for maplevotingJS
    • Fixed top5 ranking styling(character with bows pass the line)
    • Added characterInfo concept into top5 ranking
    • Fixed top5 Ranking once more..
    • Added shitloads of checks to mapleVotingJS
    • Optimized param code (removed useless calling and made it one liner)
    • Made job array into one array (removing 2 arrays and array_merge calling)
    • v118 job listing
    • Optimized job name calling function
    • Optimized top 5 ranking
    • Added overall.js(seperation of maplevotingJS and CMS's js coding)

    Revision 6:
    • Added a major check to prevent offset to top 5 ranking
    • Made tips with multiple options in settings.json
    • Modify coloring of logout button

    Revision 5:
    • Everything is editable through settings.json
    • Implemented error logging handling system (core/PDO method existence checks, PDO connection only)
    • Implemented player online progressbar
    • Added playerLimit option in setting.json for player online progressbar
    • Optimized top 5 ranking
    • Added jobs to top 5 ranking (v.117.1 compatible)
    • Optimized a lot on captcha file
    • Implemented change password to cpanel
    • Optimized cpanel coding by shitloads
    • Added serverTime
    • Added checks on pages that requires you to be logged in to website
    • Organized files in library folder
    • Modify captcha (removed ttf file)

    Revision 4:
    • Made top 5 ranking chr into one image(removes 4 request)
    • Implemented JSON setting system (basic)
    • Modified Control Panel with tons of security
    • Implemented OraiosTips
    • Added more check on PDO class
    • Optimized core class
    • Implemented Captcha system(mapleVotingJS, register, donate)

    Revision 3:
    • Implemented Control Panel (basic)
    • Implemented top 5 ranks
    • Compressed 8 images into a sprite image
    • Implemented online/offline system

    Revision 2:
    • Implemented Nido's core system
    • Improved core system
    • Replaced MySQLi.class with OraiosDEV's PDO.class
    • Implemented mapleVotingJS-1.0b
    • Optimized CSS files
    • Fixed more stuff I forgot..

    Revision 1:
    • Created template of PSD file


    Website Preview:

    Download [Password: oraiosdev]: Link

    • Extract the files to wamp/xamp
    • Edit settings.JSON
    • Change the database connections(then edit the rest in the website itself)
    • Execute the sql file provided for MapleVotingJS to properly work
    • Change the "AdminLevelMin" value to 0 to automatically get admin panel to edit the CMS to your likings!

    How to upgrade to PHP 5.4

    • Move your "www" folder to you desktop and uninstall your Wampserver
    • Download WampServer 2.2E or higher:
    • 64x Bits: Click here
    • 32x Bits: Click here
    • Install it

    • Move your htdocs folder to your desktop and uninstall Xampp
    • Download Xampp 1.8.1 or higher: Download here
    • Install it

    Thanks me if you like it or are using it!
    THIS WON'T WORK FOR IN A WEBHOST!(Webhost gives me soo many errors, idk why -.-)
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    Re: [BETA] MapleByte CMS

    Really nice release. GJ!
    Sexy-ass CMS.

    While you're at it might as well release that v128 source ;)

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    Re: [BETA] MapleByte CMS

    Haven't looked at the code yet, will report back later :P

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    Re: [BETA] MapleByte CMS

    Haven't been able to download it, got an error o-o
    Mirror please?
    This is probably a greatly coded cms ;p

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    Re: [BETA] MapleByte CMS

    There is some things I will list tomorrow that I will be touching up and working on ;P

    Replaced the download link to my personal downloading service I like, Not used to MEGA yet.

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    Re: [BETA] MapleByte CMS

    ( ! ) SCREAM: Error suppression ignored for
    ( ! ) Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in C:\wamp\www\library\class\core.oraios.class.php on line 7
    Call Stack
    # Time Memory Function Location
    1 0.0002 685792 {main}( ) ..\index.php:0

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    Re: [BETA] MapleByte CMS

    My CMS uses PHP 5.4 so you need to upgrade, I'll post tomorrow on how to do that.

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    Re: [BETA] MapleByte CMS

    Quote Originally Posted by iAkira View Post
    My CMS uses PHP 5.4 so you need to upgrade, I'll post tomorrow on how to do that.
    What about accounts with sha1 and sha512 (salt)?

    EDIT: figured it out. thanks
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    Re: [BETA] MapleByte CMS

    Okay, Thanks for the quick reply i'll test after update

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    Re: [BETA] MapleByte CMS

    This looks great! I'll check it as soon as I get home.

    -Sent from my mobile-

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    Re: [BETA] MapleByte CMS

    Wow! Looking good that's for sure.

    Akira, I tried sending you a PM but your Inbox quota is full. Think you can clear up some space?

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    Re: [BETA] MapleByte CMS

    Inbox cleaned.

    Added a spoiler on how to upgrade to PHP5.4

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    Re: [BETA] MapleByte CMS

    Character Info is so cool.
    Can you make a chat that looks like messenger in maple?

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    Re: [BETA] MapleByte CMS

    Amazing job Akira, no words..
    Awesome CMS!
    I have tried it, awesome coding

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    Re: [BETA] MapleByte CMS

    Quote Originally Posted by iAkira View Post

    THIS WON'T WORK FOR IN A WEBHOST!(Webhost gives me soo many errors, idk why -.-)
    For me is working fine even in my webhost with php 5.4 enabled.

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