epic chairs

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    cool epic chairs

    epic chairs
    ok everyone here is a ton more chairs !! i hope u all enjoy this 3rd release
    this one is a bunch more chairs tahn last time, so brace urself >.<"

    exctract chirithychairs.zip and enjoy
    have a greate day Maplers!
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    Re: epic chairs

    Hi, as a WZ Editing newbie, may I ask how should I use/import the folders provided?

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    Re: epic chairs

    Couldn't open the folders with chairs. But I am looking for a gaming chair for myself. There are a ton of those from the different price ranges. I could use some advice. Checked already a ton of tops and reviews. A top from secretlab titan got my attention. There I found an office chair that can be used for gaming purposes. The design fits my interior requirements. I could use some advice if there are cheaper alternatives on the market.
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