New Dedicated Servers / Customized DDoS Protection

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    shout New Dedicated Servers / Customized DDoS Protection

    Dear, Ragezone Community.

    We're proud to announce we've renewed our server park completely, currently we're using latest generation Xeon CPUs w/ DDR 4 and top branded SATA/SSD disks.

    It worth to mention that now, we're able to offer you GPM, VPM and APM (these 3 special protection modules, allow us to prepare, customized DDoS protection [This means you'll have a system built for your needs to beat the competition] in order to ensure the maximum stability for your games and applications).

    In case you have a special demand for your game/app, don't hesitate to contact us. :)

    You can check our new servers at:

    Also, you may contact us in any of our channels such as:

    Discord Server:
    Skype: hyperfilter

    We'll be glad having you as our customer and helping you with your needs. ;)