GPM - Customized DDoS Protection for your Game Servers

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    idea GPM - Customized DDoS Protection for your Game Servers

    Hi folks,

    Are you currently tired, of having issues with DDoS Attacks in your game servers ?

    We're proud to announce over here, for the Ragezone Community, that we're currently working in GPM (Game Protection Module), this is a added service to your Dedicated Server, which is tailored/built specifically for your game.

    GPM can be adjusted to work with any game, by validating real game user traffic while keeping all attacks from reaching your game server causing issues.

    If there are any games you're having issues with, and you need it resolved, don't hesitate contacting us at:

    HyperFilter Discord Server:

    HyperFilter Sales E-mail:

    We'll be happy to assist you getting your project stable again.

    *** Please note: This service, is only available, when using our Dedicated Servers in our network, it does not work for servers which are outside our network. ***