Reputation System - Rules

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    Reputation System - Rules

    1. Encouraging Other Members In An Attempt To Give Another Member A Negative Rep Is Forbidden. Any Posts We See On These Forums Breaking This Rule Will Be Closed And The Original Posted Infracted. Same Goes For Positive Reputation.

    2. Patting Each Other On The Back Is Also Disallowed - If We See A Single Post Stating Something Along The Lines Of "hey man! I + repped you, you + rep me!" The Original Poster Will Be Infracted.

    3. Any Comments Attached To A Reputation Point That Is Considered Flaming, Insulting Or Rude Will Be Dealt With. The Sender Will Recieve An Infraction, Possibly A Ban.

    Be Reminded That This System Is A Priviledge We've Had Before, And It's Been Taken Away Before. Abuse It And Lose It.

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    Stuck + Locked. Follow these rules as if they are coming from Dan because I am sure he has no objections to them.