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    Staff List

    Staff List
    With permission from @MentaL here is a list of the current forum staff members:

    RaGEZONE Staff List

    Owner/Admin/Leader/Supreme Cook: @MentaL

    Super Moderators: @Madison, @vLife, @Not4You, @Shoelace, @Biesmen

    Moderators MMO

    Section Moderator(s)
    A3 Nobody
    4Story Nobody
    A.V.A. @Taiga @Taiga
    Ace Online
    Aion Nobody
    Allods Online Nobody
    Aura Kingdom @Hulu
    Battle of the Immortals Nobody
    Black Desert Online @cmb
    Cabal Online @AzureSensei
    C9 Nobody
    Clash of Clans @kevintjuh93
    DayZ Nobody
    DDTank @GigaToni
    Drift City @DriftCity
    Dragona @cmb
    Dragon Nest Nobody
    Dragonica Nobody
    Dragon Ball Online Nobody
    Eudemons Online Nobody
    Fiesta Online @Taiga
    FlyFF Nobody
    Forsaken World @Ben
    Gunz Online @Phoenix
    GTA Multiplayer @GigaToni
    Habbo Hotel @Taiga, @Ben, @Quackster
    Iris Online Nobody
    Jade Dynasty
    Kal Online
    Last Chaos Nobody
    Lineage 2 Nobody
    Loong Nobody
    Luna Online @likertuban
    MapleStory @retep998, @kevintjuh93, @Eric, @Kimberly
    Metin2 Nobody
    Minecraft Nobody
    MU Online @Dios, @Karli, @Dope Boy One
    OGame @Taiga
    Pangya Online Nobody
    Priston Tale @SheenBR
    Perfect World @cmb
    Point Blank / Project Blackout @Taiga
    Pokemon Nobody
    Ragnarok Online @Ben
    RaiderZ @cmb
    Ran Online @SeiferXIII
    RF Online @likertuban
    Risk Your Life Nobody
    Rohan Nobody
    Rose Online Nobody
    Runes Of Magic Nobody
    Scions Of Fate Nobody
    SilkRoad Online @Blacksheep25
    Star Trek Online @SanGawku
    SwordsMan Online Nobody
    Sudden Attack Nobody
    Tales Of Pirates @Ben
    Tales Runner @KillerStefan
    Talisman Online Nobody
    Tantra Online Nobody
    Tera @Eric
    The War Z / Infestation MMO @likertuban, @GigaToni
    Travian Nobody
    Trickster Online @PyroSamurai
    Vindictus @SanGawku
    War Inc @GigaToni
    Warrock @Taiga
    World of Kung Fu Nobody
    World of Warcraft
    Old Archived Files @PyroSamurai
    MMORPG Extra @Taiga, @SanGawku, @Ben, @cmb
    Free MMO Servers @Tenpai, @Kimberly
    Merchant Zone Nobody
    Team Recruitment @Taiga, @SanGawku, @Ben, @cmb

    Moderators EVO

    Last updated: 04-17-2020 (removed some people for now, it needs a better update)

    Credits: The list was originally compiled by @Shoelace, posted by @ChewBecca, beautifully designed by @Droppy and continuously updated by most of the forum's staff. So a big thanks to everyone who contributed!
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