Adept Dragon Saga CH5 Source Code [VS2019] Free Release

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    Adept Dragon Saga CH5 Source Code [VS2019] Free Release
    Cosmos is VS2005 if you want to use it you must update this yourself or find someone else to do it / share it.

    There are some compile errors related to using updated VS2019 due to the cosmos libraries not being updated, you can either update cosmos manually or use VS.16.4 when compiling

    This refers to the error: The object or library file "..\..\cosmos\lib\randomlib_MTo.lib" was created by a different version of the compiler than other objects" and similar errors.

    No further direct support from myself will be given regarding these resources.

    Links will not be maintained / updated, feel free to create mirrors / reuploads if you care to do so.

    I have been given permission by Seiichi to release the stolen source code / files of Adept's Dragon Saga that are being shared/sold around.To end a profit cycle on this theft they are now being released for all for free (unlucky if you paid anything for them :/)This is a visual studio 2019 build [23/03/2020] of official chapter 5 source code which was upgraded and modified for the Adept Server, This version does not have a lot of exploit fixes, but does have fixes for the Devil Soul Stone Exploit at the very least.

    Source Code Client, Server and Tools:
    Google Drive

    Cosmos Source Code:
    Google Drive

    Google Drive

    Client Files:
    Google Drive

    Server Files:
    Google Drive

    Google Drive mirrors provided by Rubx.

    This release does not impact the future development of AdeptGamer's Dragon Saga and it will continue to expand further beyond this released data(which is already 9months old), This may however impact the Dragonica private server scene as a whole.

    if you patched your client past 0.2.56 you will probably have to delete the client and re-extract it.

    Apply this commit to fix npc icon bugs
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