RanOnline Help Section Rules

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    RanOnline Help Section Rules

    RanOnline Help Section Rules
    Hello Everyone,

    This section is moderated under the RaGEZONE Forum Rules, as well as rules designated for the main RanOnline dev section.
    Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning, infraction, and/or ban depending on the severity of the issue at hand.
    These rules are effective as of Sunday, February 26, 2012.

    1) Do not recreate a thread. Use the Search function beforehand to see if the topic you wish to discuss has already been posted.
    You may recreate a thread if the previous thread is older than 6 months.

    2) Do not bump an old thread unless you can effectively contribute to the topic at hand.
    This includes posting a fix to a common error, correcting a mistake the Thread Starter made, sharing an improved way of doing something, or sharing why something might be flawed with the Original Post

    3) Do not post a thread that has nothing to do with Ran Online.
    This includes threads about specific people or servers.

    4) Do not post a thread containing advertisements of any kind.
    The proper place to post these is in Private Servers Section.

    5) Do not post a thread for recruiting members.
    The proper place to post these is in Team Recruitment.

    6) Do not post a thread to request mirrors for released dead links since you can do it HERE already.

    7) Do not post thread asking for help about EP7v1/Neo since we already have a thread for that HERE.

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    Re: RanOnline Help Section Rules


    If you are probably wondering why your post count decreased or your thread was gone, it is because we no longer accept REQUEST thread long before this section has been made.

    So please refrain from creating the aforementioned type of thread.

    Thank you.

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    Re: RanOnline Help Section Rules

    Section Rules addition: as of 5/26/2012

    • Don't hi-jack other threads for your problem. Make your own thread for your own problem.
    • Don't bump old threads just to ask for a solution to your problem. If the thread is 2 weeks older, then make a new thread.
    • Don't just say "search google", "go search", or something alike that doesn't really help. At least make sense with your post.
    • Don't post if you actually don't want to help. This is Help Section and the section is here to get some Help/Solution/Answer.

    Rules may change without prior notice. Please follow them accordingly. Main Section Rules still applies as well as the General Forum Rules.