[Read Me] Before Making a HELP Thread

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    shout [Read Me] Before Making a HELP Thread

    [Read Me] Before Making a HELP Thread

    As all of you have observed, most of the threads created in this section are messy and there's too many lacking information. It causes too much confusion for the viewer and results poor resolution of the problem.

    In order for us to have a cleaner section and an accurate result to our problems, please follow this tip/format when making a Help Thread:

    Thread Title: always use a descriptive title to your problem and don't forget to use the [Help] prefix. If your problem is about SQL Errors then post "SQL Error 12345" or "Bind Error 12345", if it's a certain file/add-ons then put the name of the file like "EP7 Wing Error" or "New NPC Not Selling". Name your Thread according to your problem, and don't just put "Help plsss" or "Can you Help me". Having a descriptive title can gain you more viewers and can get more chance to have your problem solve.

    Here are some other Examples:

    Good Example
    • [Help] SQL Server Failed #119
    • [Help] Comment.ini Failure to Load
    • [Help] Can't Open ItemEditor
    • [Help] Server Disconnected

    Bad Example
    • Please help me i'm noob
    • Master i can't solve this
    • I have problem with my server
    • Can anyone help me with my
    • Plsssss Hellllpp Meeee

    Body of the Thread
    Screenshot: please provide a screenshot to the problem. You may wrap it up to view as an image or just put the direct image link. This is the Image BBCode button - wrap the screenshot link with this.
    Code Tag: wrap the error log or script, in this way we can better read your code and can make your thread cleaner. This is the Code BBcode Button - wrap your lengthy codes or use the PHP BBCode button if you want to post a script.

    Description: state the full detail of your problem. How it started and what did you previously do.

    ** Please don't include your private information in your help thread such as your IP Address, Emails, etc. They may be used for scams and personal attacks.

    If you follow these format, then your problem may be solve sooner. Failure to follow this format may lead to closure or deletion of your thread.

    Update (April 24, 2012)

    Starting today, please add a version tag to your thread title if you're having problems with a certain server or client file.

    Like for example if you have problems with EP7 file:

    • [Help][EP7] Comment.ini Fail
    • [Help][EP7] Bus Station Not Translated

    Old post is excluded with this new tag addition. So please start adding a version tag in your thread titles.

    And also, we're having too many help threads that is not related to Ran Development / Set-ups / Releases, please avoid posting irrelevant topics because they will be deleted with or without notification.

    Thank you for your time reading, and if you still have other questions, please don't hesitate to message me.

    - Vision
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    Re: [Read Me] Before Making a HELP Thread

    Bump for the thread Update.