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    This is a portable setup of pwadmin that comes with tomcat7 and java7...

    pwAdmin and iWeb in English...

    If you installed tomcat previously, either remove it or change the port used...

    Works on older and new Debian/Ubuntu with MySQL or MariaDB, php5 or php7...

    I've changed pwAdmin and iWeb to use my server script to start and stop the server instead of and

    Included my server script which has many features like server start and stop, system messages, start and stop triggers, send cubi, and much more... ./server help, for a list...

    Trigger start and stop and system messages use pwadmin api so this pwadmin required... Extract to / main directory root or to your choice... The only requirement is the server script in the server directory...

    edit pwadmin/WEB-INF/.pwadminconf.jsp, iweb/include/.config.jsp, and home/server script according to your db etc...

    This FORUM is poorly run, and suks...

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    Re: pwAdmin

    I can't start and stop the server with it.What might be the problem?

    - - - Updated - - -

    DeliveryClientManager::OnAbortSession Connection refused at Method) at at com.goldhuman.IO.ActiveIO.Close(Unknown Source) at com.goldhuman.IO.PollIO.Poll(Unknown Source) at Source) at Source) at = com.goldhuman.IO.Protocol.Session@7228ea00 activeio = com.goldhuman.IO.ActiveIO@5c1ae08dClientManager::OnAbortSession,peer=/ Connection refused