[Help] iWeb and PWAdmin issues...

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    [Help] iWeb and PWAdmin issues...


    So I've downloaded the latest version of PWAdmin and set up all the configs, but there is still a few pages that 404... Im unsure as to why?

    iplog (Cannot find site)
    list gm accounts (Cannot find site)
    list online players (Cannot find site)
    Mask Gen (Doesn't load at all)
    Top Players (Exception report the server encountered an internal-error())
    Vote Abuse (Cannot find site)

    I web doesnt function at all, it's connected but if I go to character editor, type in 1024 as character ID and the name of the character, it just says failed.

    This goes with everything else, including the server settings where everything says either unknown or -1.

    Im using 1.3.9 (1.4.1 downgraded) server files... idk if its just the iweb is messed up? or something didn't get installed right?

    I've also looked for a newer version of iWeb, but the one 343 has posted that locked and stickied's links are dead.

    Top players error:

    =============== EDIT ===============

    I've just noticed here too that the characters do not load in pwAdmin either.

    I've tried typing in my ID to both my account and character, nothing loads.

    Even tried the drop down menu and used both my account name and character name, and nothing loads.

    It's like it's defaulting to -1.
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    Re: [Help] iWeb and PWAdmin issues...

    it had told you that the problem is "unknown database db",because your mysql do not have database db,OK?

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    Re: [Help] iWeb and PWAdmin issues...

    Update on MORE PWADMIN ISSUES....

    The databases are connecting I changed top players to pw instead of dbo.

    Here are the issues:

    On Edit XML - Error 500 (even with login and tomcat settings changed for role and username)
    On GMControl - Connection to Mysql database failed, even though I can create a character, and add a GM and etc. (works fine on vmware tho)

    LiveChat - Wont connect only shows my message I wrote forever ago that says TESTING and will not show the chat logs of everyone speaking.

    Apache-Tomcat 5.5.28

    String db_host = "localhost";
    String db_port = "3306";
    String db_user = "root";
    String db_password = "MYSQLPASSWORD";
    String db_database = "pw";

    // Type of your items database required for mapping id's to names
    // Options are my or pwi
    String item_labels = "pwi";

    // Absolute path to your PW-Server main directory (startscript, stopscript, /gamed)
    // requires a tailing slash
    String pw_server_path = "/root/";
    .pwConfig's IP address:

    .userconfig.jsp ip address:

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    Re: [Help] iWeb and PWAdmin issues...

    The problem with pwadmin is like that, only a few addons work like chatlogs or gm permissions.