Help me set up the automatic cultivation system

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    sad Help me set up the automatic cultivation system

    I'm not a developer, I'm more curious. I need help because, I haven't played the perfect world in a long time, and I started a short time ago on a server, but their automatic cultivation system is disabled, I know it can be enabled, as it depends on my client files on my computer, the problem is that I already looked in "Configs.pck" and "interfaces.pck". I reviewed all the files and nothing to activate. I went to "uiconfig" and enabled "Autopolicy" and even so, when I press the in game button, it does not activate the function. nor with a keyboard shortcut.
    Can you who have been working longer and renewing your editions help me?

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    Re: Help me set up the automatic cultivation system

    i have not played this game for a long time,and i hear this system for the first time,could you tell me what version of your pw? does it mean 修真 in chinese,if it does , it should active the function originlly

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    Re: Help me set up the automatic cultivation system

    Pull the Chinese client from from the relevant patch, decrypt the .cup file, and look at the configs file for the changes, and afix them into the English one.

    I personally used the Chinese client's configs/interfaces myself on PWI in 1.4.5 way back when and this system worked perfectly on the official servers.

    If you're interested in LEARNING how to do this, I'd be up for assisting you in adding them if you're willing to put in the work to do it