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    343 could you please upload the PW_DEV.iso since all the links are dead.
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    Re: PW_DEV.iso

    Quote Originally Posted by datcom View Post
    343 could you please upload the PW_DEV.iso since all the links are dead.
    There was a recent issue that I'd rather not publicly discuss at the moment... I'm almost sure you also noticed then that the thread is un-stickied and also closed... When the "issue" is resolved, it will hopefully be re-opened and re-stickied... At that time I will update / fix the links! I actually couldn't fix them if I wanted to (just so you know) since the thread is closed, edits aren't allowed on closed threads...

    So, "please 'bear with us'" while I work with the current moderators/staff to get the thread re-stickied, and re-opened!

    Quote Originally Posted by Faildom View Post
    Does anybody happen to have a working base 1.3.6 iso? the link from the complete package seems to be broken and I cannot find a working link anywhere.
    There was an issue with the thread, which is why the links are down; when and if this gets resolved they will be restored... I will not be restoring the links as long as the current mods keep the thread closed and de-stickied though!

    - - - Updated - - -

    [ADD] you'll probably also be really happy to hear that, in the meantime, I have added (rather immensely) to it too
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