Section Rules - Please read

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    Section Rules - Please read

    Section Rules - Please read

    This forum section follows the RaGEZONE Rules.

    1) Do not Advertise your servers here.

    2) Do not advertise any other site/forum here.

    3) Don't double post.

    4) Respect everyone, and don't flame. If you have a problem with someone, deal with it through PM.

    5) Don't post bots, hacks or warez.

    6) Do not ask off-topic questions in release, development or tutorial threads! If you have a question, kindly make use of our help section instead.

    7) Please use English as your main language. If you do want to post in another language, include an English translation.

    8) Do not use this section for recruiting in any form or manner.

    9) This section is for Forsaken World Server development only. Any posts/threads that are off topic will be deleted.

    10) Do not sell or offer to buy server files.

    11) Posting useless posts such as "Thanks, Thank you, Good Job, etc" That can be substituted with a like will be deleted.

    Note, failure to follow these rules will result in an infraction, and could eventually end in a ban.

    By posting you AGREE to all of the above.

    These rules may change without prior notification.

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    24.05.2017 | Updated - Necroposting rule removed / reformulated - By Future
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    Re: Section Rules - Please read

    Hi everyone!
    The following rules above has been updated.
    Please take a look at them again for future reasonings.

    No wind favors he who has no destined port.

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    Re: Section Rules - Please read

    As of the 24th of May 2017, you are allowed to revive an old topic, if your reply contributes to it. Contributing posts are:

    • Requests for re-uploads if a link went down (a single request is enough, don't spam it)
    • Re-uploads of dead links / files
    • Fixes for released files
    • Constructive questions and answers related to the release/tutorial/development
    • Updates of your release/tutorial/development

    If in question, create a new topic in the Help Section to keep spam as little as possible.

    Please take note and keep yourself updated with future rule changes.