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    happy [Tool] A search tool for development

    If you are new with working with large or many files, this tool can come in handy when dealing with hundreds of confusing xmls when you need to find values. This is one of the tools I have been using for years and I wouldn't have gotten it if a friend didn't recommend it for me.

    Website link:


    The download link can be found little bit down if you scroll, or you can use this link:


    How to search for files or values:

    1) Run the SearchMyFiles.exe

    2) Insert your value(s) you are looking for, you can use comma to search for multiple values(don't forget to tick "Search multiple values). Example below demonstrates how to find all files containing an ID of 98599 (Devil Claws). You can also use this to find values in DataCenter xmls. Enter value and select folder where to search. Press Start Search.

    3) Once search is complete, you will see all your results and result details in search window columns. Note: Is it highly recommended to use "" for more precise search results.

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    Re: [Tool] A search tool for development

    I swear NirSoft has a myriad of nifty tools. But for whatever reason this one slipped my collection, so thanks for this!

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    Re: [Tool] A search tool for development

    Notepad++, ctrl + f and option search in files also does the job and is very light and powerful tool,

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    Re: [Tool] A search tool for development

    AgentRansack also does the trick if you need something seperate. xD