The future of Habbo Retro hotels

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    The future of Habbo Retro hotels

    The future of Habbo Retro hotels
    With the deprecation of flash on December the 31st, Google will be removing Flash from its Google Chrome browser, making users with updated browsers unable to play on retro hotels running Flash.

    What do you guys think about the future of retro hotels? Will the community adapt by reverse-engineering the new client or will retro hotels slowly die out?

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    Re: The future of Habbo Retro hotels

    I was just thinking about this and saw this thread. Sadly not that many posts.

    As of the now the beta client will most likely be for people that understand the unity client. I don't expect a detailed release anytime soon regarding on how it works. The folks that "cracked" it won't be sharing it anytime soon. Which is understandable knowing the history of Habbo Retro's.

    In the end you only get private servers that:
    1) have invested time in making their own html5 client;
    2) are being able to use the new unity client;
    3) will use a shitty executable (it will be the end of their hotel anyways).

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    Re: The future of Habbo Retro hotels

    Keep in mind that eventually microsoft will just prevent flash from being able to ran. I dont know exactly how.

    Also Adobe will block Flash content from running in Flash Player beginning January 12 2021.

    Probably some hardcoded date in the Flash Player.