Harry Potter Retro

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    Harry Potter Retro

    Harry Potter Retro
    I'm an Italian guy and since 2013 I'm developing an alternative version of Habbo, turning it into a role-playing game based on the world of Harry Potter. I added several features like a level system, spells and potions that can only be used after learning them, a GPS map that shows you the shortest way to a specific place, mini-games to create potions, teleports accessible only using passwords obtained through quests and above all a sorting system in the four houses of Hogwarts with relative private areas such as common rooms and uniforms set automatically in the castle. Another feature is that users do not have the navigator available and will have to walk around the castle (and the wizardling world) through doors, teleporters and portkeys.

    In Italy I noticed that the user is now disinterested, an English version could be an opportunity for someone to learn something new and different?
    Would it be a good idea to open in a more international version?
    What do you think of this Hotel?

    Here some videos and images:



    Potions Minigames:


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    Re: Harry Potter Retro

    This is really cool. Definitely has a big potential for the English version, however I don’t think many people even play retros anymore...
    Vivid imagination is key for building a successful game!

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    Re: Harry Potter Retro

    This is actually a very cool idea. I can say that she has good taste, and I am impressed because at 8 years old she has already read 3 harry potter books. I have read all of them when I was 14 years old, but I reread them a few times. However, did she tell you which is her favorite house or in which house she would like to be in? If no, please ask her or make this quiz together https://www.goforquiz.com/pottermore-house-quiz/. I made it also with my nephew and we both got Gryffindor, not surprised. I wait for your results.
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    Re: Harry Potter Retro

    I don't know why anyone or even you didn't do it at the time that retro had players

    good luck with your project

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    Re: Harry Potter Retro

    Why y'all bumping an old topic?