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    Re: [Discussion]Mobile versions of games

    About this RuneScape. It will be a separate game or computer version-related? About which version you are talking? OSRS (RuneScape 2007) or RuneScape 3?
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    Re: [Discussion]Mobile versions of games

    As an example of a mobile port failure... i'd point out Elsword, abandoning the only combat system of an online game (that i'm aware of) that actually resembles Devil May Cry (you can make your regular combo branch by pressing a different attack key or even a directional button) for "keep the attack button pressed for auto-attack loop" the dungeons are no better that boss stages on which you have to clear mobs first and the almost 2 hours long tutorial... which for some reason also eats your stamina despite being enforced.

    Some successful ones are mostly form japanese browser games, although i also was in the "Mobile/Browser games will forever suck" i've found some that works fairly good but they are no ports, "Phantom of the Kill" seems to be a bootleg of Fire Emblem (more precisely looks like a 3DS FE game), Toram Online works more or less like a Mabinogi of the sorts, stating that mobile games are stuck at the quality of the 90's consoles is an understatement, from what i can tell currently stand their grounds against several games released on 05's onwards, getting fairly close to 10's.

    The thing that hurts the mobile/browser games the most is the stamina/korean system which limits the amount of time that a player can play but can easily be solved by spending cash to refil their stamina henceforth giving an incentive for companies to make bootleg cashgrab versions of their magnum opus or at least one of their most successful games.

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    Re: [Discussion]Mobile versions of games

    Some games can work on mobiles some can't, I think people make some games for mobiles that don't work well and would be more suited on a computer/console.

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    Re: [Discussion]Mobile versions of games

    A lot of games go on mobile, losing the greatest values. For example, the best browser coop platformer, Fireboy and Watergirl (example), practically is a single player game on mobiles.
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    Re: [Discussion]Mobile versions of games

    I played Blade and Soul and Black Desert mobile and both are very promising.

    Although the PvP is completely more difficult in mobile, because camera view has to be done through finger swipes. But overall both of their mobile counterparts are perfectly great and could be casual nor competitive depending on the publishers.

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    Are you kidding? That was the best decision because not all can afford it and have the possibility to play on other devices. And, conveniently, I can play on the bus while going home. That's the coolest opportunity!

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