DDTank Section Rules [8/9/13]

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    DDTank Section Rules [8/9/13]

    All sub-sections for DDTank are to follow the RaGEZONE General Forum rules. which can be found here.

    Development Section Rules:

    - Users are allowed to post developments of applications in which they are working on specifically for DDTank.

    - When posting a development thread. You must give correct information pertaining to the development. This means that you have to state which language it's programmed it, whats the purpose of the application, show images and post snippets of the program's code.

    - Users are not to ask the developer of an ETC (Estimated Time of Completion) and should respect the pace they are going at.

    - Do not spam the thread with posts asking for updates and such.

    - If a development thread goes with the developer posting updates within the span of a month. The thread will be closed and the user will be placed on probation.

    Release Section Rules:

    - A release thread is to contain correct information on what you are releasing.

    - A release thread is not a help, so do not ask for help inside of one.

    - No spamming the thread with off-topic posts/discussions.

    Tutorial Section Rules:

    - Tutorials are to be well written and be very informative.

    - Must contain images and working download links for the users.

    Help Section Rules:

    - When posting a help thread, try to be as clear and precise as possible.

    - Do not post in someones help thread asking for help for your problem, post your own.

    - If your thread is resolved or you see one that is. Report the main post of the thread so that a Moderator is able to get to it and close it.

    - Do not post replies that are of to no relevancy to the OP.

    - No telling users to add you on Skype or other message handlers.

    Offical Discussion Section Rules:

    - When posting a discussion thread. Create a topic which can be discussed properly. And you must give your opinion on the topic.

    - No going off-topic or spamming the thread.


    Please note that this rules are subject to change at any given time to suit the section needs. And you as a user should abide by and follow them.
    Failure to comply with the rules can result to you be given a warning or even receive an infraction. So be mindful when you post.

    DDTank Moderation Team

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