War Inc Rules ( Please read before posting)

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    War Inc Rules ( Please read before posting)

    These are the rule of War Inc Section and its Sub-Sections. These rules are not permanent, they will change at any time when there is a need to change them, so I request all users of this section to please read these rules before posting. This will prevent you from getting an infraction which you don't want to have.

    1. This section is for War Inc Server Development. Please don't post/discuss about any topic other then/not related to War Inc Server Development.

    2. The subject of a topic should be the only point of discussion. Any kind of spam/off-topic post(s) will be deleted and an infraction will be given to the user.

    3. Usage of Prefix.
    While posting any new thread, you should use an appropriate Prefix.
    [Development] - Any thread in which you are going to Discuss about a development.
    [Discussion] - Any thread in which you are going to discuss about a topic.
    [Guide] - If you are going to share your Guide/Tutorial.
    [Help] - If you are asking for any help from other members.
    [Release] - Use this prefix while releasing any file/script.
    [Request] - Use this prefix if you are requesting/asking for a release.

    4. Any statements directed towards race, sex, individuality and anything that is found offensive will be deleted immediately and the member will be infracted and complained to the Super Moderators for further actions.

    5. If you are asking for help, please try to provide as much information(with screenshots) as possible. This will help others to solve your problem.

    6. Releasing something without giving proper credits (If any) is not allowed and may lead to an infraction.

    7. If a thread is closed, its closed for a reason. If you think that its a mistake or if you think it should be re-opened, PM a Moderator.

    8. If someone makes a release, respect it. If you do not like it, then do not post in the thread.
    If you think that the release is not appropriate, Report the thread.

    9. Bumping a thread which is older then 2 weeks will result an infraction. If you want to use a thread, Make a new thread and put a link to the old thread to make it clear. Bumping your own thread for an update to your release/Guide is allowed though.

    10. Trying to stop a flame war yourself is not a good idea. Instead, wait for a Moderator to fix it.

    11. A Development thread which you refuse to release should be posted in the special Sub-Section "War Inc Development". It should not be posted in the Main War Inc Section just to Advertise your upcoming server showing the special features in it.

    12. A Release which is just another "your modified version" of an existing release is not considered as your own release. Please try to avoid it. If there are enough changes so that it can be released again, ask for permission and do remember to provide appropriate credits.

    13. If you're posting in a thread, it is expected to be constructive. If your post is not, it is considered spam, which will result in either a warning or an infraction.

    14. This is an English Forum and the only language that should be used is - English. Non-English Posts/Threads will be deleted with an infraction.

    15. Leeched material is prohibited. Any user found releasing materials from other servers without permission and proof of permission will be infracted.

    16. Warez and Illegal softwares are strictly prohibited. Links/Post or even the thread will be immediately deleted and this will lead to an infraction/ban.

    17. Always read the sticky threads before posting and never PM/Ask moderators to make your thread Sticky. If a Post is worth a Sticky, It will get its place.

    18. The Search button is your best friend. Always Search for any existing thread(s) before posting about it. Most of the Questions/Queries are already answered/solved and can be found by a simple search.

    19. Any kind of Trading is not allowed in this section. If you want to buy/sell things, refer to Merchant section of RaGEZONE.

    20. Never ask for help about the gameplay/bugs or hacking tips of any existing server (which you don't own). These kind of requests will be deleted and the member will receive an infraction.

    21. Flaming/Trolling in a thread is just a waste of the topic. These kind of post(s) will be deleted and an infraction will be given to the member(s) involved.

    22. You should be kind and respectful to the moderator of the section. If you have any problem with the current moderators, you can report to the Super Moderators but be sure that the report is worth it.

    23. Do not ask help via TeamViewer or MSN.

    24. Double posting is not allowed. There is always an edit button available if you want to add any info to your previous post.

    25. This is a Development section and any kind of Advertisement is not allowed. Please refer to the Server section of War Inc. if you want to post an Advertisement. Signature with an Advertisement will be removed by the Super-Moderators.

    Development Threads for private servers are from now on forbidden and get deleted immediately. For this we have the server sections

    Usage of Report Button.
    There are few threads/posts which should be removed from the section instantly. There is a button which looks like - below every thread. Please use the report button if you see any thread/post which contains the following -

    • Spam
    • Inappropriate language
    • Non-English content
    • Advertising (In any section other then War Inc Servers)
    • Flaming
    • Hacking
    • If the thread is in the wrong section
    • Stolen / leeched material
    • Warez
    • Illegal Software

    Here is a link to RZ's general rules in-case you haven't read them: RaGEZONE Forum Rules

    Thanks for reading and don't forget the Most Important Rule - Enjoy!

    ~ Prot
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