Naruto Eternal Memories

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    Naruto Eternal Memories

    This game is based on the Naruto series and accentuates the battle between the Hidden Leaf Village and the Akatsuki. This game is multiplayer and is supported by BYOND, which can be found here BYOND - Make & Play Online Multiplayer Games. Basically, the accounts of this game are based on the accounts on BYOND. Currently, there are many features, which are stated below.

    If anyone is interested in the files, feel free to give me a private message and to speak with me.


    Insanely good and Naruto-like graphics
    The sprites look very similar to the characters
    Numerous characters from all villages
    Every character has its own unique Jutsus
    Every character has its Dojutsu, Byakugan or Sharingan, if applicable
    There are mode changes such as Tailed Beast Mode, Curse Mark, and Susanoo
    Money system similar to the series - Ryo
    Ryo is used to purchase new and stronger characters
    Real battle system with teams, Hidden Leaf Village and Akatsuki
    Health, Chakra, and Energy bar levels
    Chat System

    Here are a few pictures