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    Quote Originally Posted by sabracx View Post
    I am using the 3.2 apk when downloading the resources, they are not on the server side, how can I add the resources on the server side so that the apk can download them?
    You can't the 3.2 APK is the official APK which always download 3.2 data. Your best bet to obtain 3.2 data is try Google searches or if someone had theirs and willing to share with you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gorkn View Post
    Releasing v2 of the Solo Mod.

    Pity Roll Changes: Character Banner now has a Pity Roll amount of 40. Weapon Banner now has a Pity Roll amount of 30.

    I don't think the pity roll changes on weapons are working took me 6 10rolls to get 1 5star weapon on the non-path one.

    also it looks like the primordial jade weapon line is bugged on that banner (not sure if this is from your changes or just the base server files) as the image is wrong plus the secondary stat and secondary effects are all missing from both the bow and claymore that I have pulled so far.