[Release] Rusty Hearts Reborn Server Files + Tools + VM + Tutorial

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    UPDATE 5

    Ok... it looks like the performances of the virtual machine are not always the same. some times happen that the server is not fully loaded. I learned how to properly use the SMMonitoring_Release_x64 app and it looks like I have everything under control now !!! :)
    Sorry for the spam.
    Performance of VMs are always the same if you configure it right. Just be sure to give it enough resources. I gave mine 24 GB RAM, 4 full cores of the CPU and enabled nested Paging. It runs perfectly fine (even with a shitty windows OS on it). Also you should use Virtualbox instead of VMWare Player. This will give you a very big boost on performance as vmware is just faster when using 3D stuff on it. For simple 2D server OS virtualbox is much faster (You can convert the vm by exporting in vmware to open format and than reimport on virtualbox).

    Depending on your machines network config you should also consider using bridget network instead of NAT. At least if you want others to connect too without fiddling with NAT settings

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    its work!

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    Server resources requirements please?

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