Compiling C++ Launcher

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    Compiling C++ Launcher

    Compiling C++ Launcher
    Hello Everyone.Can anyone help me compiling this fucking launcher. it won't to compile!!If you are interested just pm me and if you compile it and change the design i will pay for you
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    Re: Compiling C++ Launcher

    Hi. To do compiling not is hard.
    the problem is this "Error! Failed to create window" ?

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    Re: Compiling C++ Launcher

    Pay attention to item 3 and 4

    1. Install Visual Studio 2017 with "Desktop development with C++" option and Windows 10 SDK2
    2. Clone this repository, open the .sln file in Visual Studio
    3. Compile or acquire static libraries for zlib, OpenSSL and curl.
    4. From project properties in VS, make sure that a valid Windows SDK is selected, and correct the library and include search paths for aforementioned libraries.
    5. Configure the launcher by editing the "constants.h" file. Change the domain, public keys, etc. Also take look at the patch creator's repository and its readme:

    While the patch creator needs the private key in .der format, the launcher has hardcoded .pem public keys in its "constants.h". To generate a readable .pem format from the keypair.pem file generated during the patch creator setup, run the following command:
    openssl rsa -in keypair.pem -outform PEM -pubout -out public.pem
    Open the resulting public.pem file with a text editor, and copy the contents to constants.h into the variable "MAIN_PUBLIC_KEY", adding newlines and quotation marks as needed. It is also possible to use another backup key pair by repeating the whole generation process and putting the resulting public key file contents to the AUXILIARY_PUBLIC_KEY variable. The launcher will accept files signed with either one of the keys.

    1. Compile the application, set up the patch creator, create a patch, upload it to the web server, test the launcher.
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