Cat-x.dll - Security class

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    Cat-x.dll - Security class

    Little helper dll for people in need of encrypted strings like for networking etc.
    Or for people that want do hook their product to a specific machine (HWUUID).

    This dll gives access to those functions:

    - sha256 hash of a string (example: string x = cat-x.Sha256("examplestring"); )
    - sha512 hash of a string (example: string x = cat-x.Sha512("examplestring"); )
    - Md5 hash of a string (example: string x = cat-x.Md5("examplestring"); )
    - Rijandel encrypting and decrypting a string by passphrase (example: string x = cat-x.Encrypt("examplestring","examplepassword"); / string x = cat-x.Decrypt("encryptedstring","examplepassword"); )
    - getting a hardware uuid based on encrypted string from hardware ids (example: string x = cat-x.GetHardwareUUID(); )
    - getting a real random number between 2 numbers based on unixtime as seed (example: string x = cat-x.GetRealRandom(1,100); )

    Example for network packages:

    string networkkey = "undefinedexamplerandomnetworkkeyforsecuringyournetworkstream";
    string packet = "data123456789"
    packet = cat-x.Encrypt(packet,networkkey);
    byte[] data = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(packet);

    ... send data now. Received bytes can get decrypted the same way. Encoding to string, decrypting by networkkey then use ...

    There is also a GetVersion function that shows current version of the dll but this is more for later when i added stuff to this dll

    Hope it helps someone. If you need the source you can either decompile (its .NET 5 ... so no thing to decompile) or check my signature (the unity version of it is source and most of the functions are included also ).
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    C# Network Security Class for Sha256, Sha512, Md5 and Rijndael (PBKDF2) with passphrase for use in Unity3d CLICK HERE
    Simple and easy (mass)-portchecker CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
    Always remember: Using a sha512 hash as a Rijndael passphrase is a extreme but efficient way to keep your networkstream secure