Don't Poke Your Eye!

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    cool Don't Poke Your Eye!

    Don't Poke Your Eye!

    The game goal is to survive on many different maps. Beat your high scores, and unlock more maps. It's a fun, but simple game, perfect for a time killing.
    - Unlock and explore six different level!
    - Challenging gameplay (more on the way)
    - Great PixelArt graphics!
    - Run on any android device.
    Thank you for checking out my game, if you like please share with your friends. I am a solo developer, if you found any bug, just share with me.

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    Re: Don't Poke Your Eye!

    Game is a lot of fun, good job! GFX are cute. Movement feels very smooth. Dodging the falling weapons by bouncing into their safe spots is really satisfying! Game skill curve seems solid. Have you been making Android games long to come out with something this solid :o?

    Few pieces of small feedback:
    - I wasn't sure if the game was working right when I kept dying with a higher and higher score but not seeing any noticble change in the game. I eventually unlocked the second level when I got to a high enough score, but some indicator that I was getting closer to unlocking it would be cool.

    - A lot of games I play have left movement in the bottom left of the screen, right movement in bottom right of the screen, and jump either in the bottom middle of the screen or by tapping outside the left/right arrows. Having the left/right arrows both in the bottom left portion of the screen was a bit confusing and unintuitive-feeling to learn.

    - Occasionally I couldn't tell how I died. Not as important, but I was almost thinkin maybe a replay, time slow, or zoom in of the moment I'm dying would make it more obvious. Likely not a big deal, playing more and improving your skill could also make it more obvious.

    These are all nitpicks though. Game's a lotta fun, thanks for posting!
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