My Gamer Questions Gamer Question Project

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    My Gamer Questions Gamer Question Project

    My Gamer Questions Gamer Question Project
    My Gamers Questions is a gaming social networking site based around gaming questions and answers. You can ask gaming questions get them answered and choose which answer you thought was best. You can comment on people's gaming answers, and questions, rank questions, comments and answers to earn yourself points for a rank title.


    All members start with 5 points

    1. You earn 5 points for posting a question.
    2. Selecting an answer someone posted on your question earns them 3 points.
    3. If someone up votes your question you earn 1 point.
    4. If someone down votes your question you loose 1 point.
    5. If you post an answer on someone's question you earn 5 points.
    6. Selecting someone's answer on your question as best earns them 10 points.
    7. If someone votes your answer up you earn 1 point.
    8. If someone votes your answer down you loose one point.

    User titles based on points:

    Diamond Member - 1,000 points
    Platinum Member - 500 points
    Gold Member - 300 points
    Silver Member - 150 points
    Bronze Member - 50 points
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