[Showcase Rules And Regulations]

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    [Showcase Rules And Regulations]

    [Showcase Rules And Regulations]
    ShowCase Rules And Regulations

    What should you post in showcase?
    Showcase is the place for you to let others check out your work and give constructive critizism. You can post here anything you created yourself, as long as it is under development and want people to give you support and tips. For instance, if you're developing a MuOnline website, feel free to post it here and ask people what they think of the layout. However, if you are already done with it, it should obviously go into the MuOnline releases section.

    Concerning 'offline' projects:
    If you made a program that you want others to check out, make sure it can be downloaded! Either put it in a zip file and attach it to your post (preferable) or upload it to a reliable webhost. Any and all topics with missing files will be instantly deleted!

    Virii, etc:
    If you file contains a virus or otherwise harmfull component it will be instantly deleted and your account permanently banned, no questions asked. So if you're unsure, virusscan your pc before uploading anything!

    Commenting on a showcase:
    Showcase is for constructive critizism. In other words, you may post that you dislike certain aspects of a showcase, but only if you also include your opinion on how it could be better! Saying only something like "this sucks!" will get you warned or even banned! If you feel your post might be taken as offensive, do not post.
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