Ferentus Reverse Engineering

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    ! Ferentus Reverse Engineering

    Ferentus Reverse Engineering
    Hi. Can someone help me with editing the launcher for this game?
    The project is: i want to try making server files for a game called Ferentus.
    I need to change the IP addresses from the client.

    I've tried with PE Explorer and OllyDB, but no results...
    I know the IP where he wants to connect, but still can't find it.

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    Re: Ferentus Reverse Engineering

    in the configure.dat

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    ! Re: Ferentus Reverse Engineering

    I figured out how to decode configure.dat. Thanks a lot.
    I've made some progress.
    I'm working now on Update/Patch Server for launcher(i'm stuck here).

    The patch/update server for launcher is hosted on XAMPP on localhost.

    Anyway, i'm stuck at the Update/Patch Server. xD

    - - - Updated - - -

    Okay. I will leave some files which i worked on today for Ferentus.
    I'm stuck at Update/Patching Launcher from the Update Server on localhost.

    The Update server is hosted locally as a Web Server.

    Here is the archive:
    Ferentus Server Files
    (Or the rar archive attached to this post)

    You will need:
    -Windows 7 32/64bits
    -Ferentus Client from gamershell.com

    Install XAMPP.
    After installing XAMPP (allow port 80 - change ports in Skype if needed cause Skype is blocking port 80), in XAMPP directory

    In the Ferentus Server Files archive, you will find another archive named ferentus-patch-server. Here, extract "pds" folder into htdocs from XAMPP.

    pds - Patch Deployment Server(i think)
    Here in "pds" are files regarding the updates and patches + Notice.htm for displaying the information in Launcher.

    Make sure you install the Ferentus client from gamershell.com.
    After you installed the client, in Ferentus archive -> Server Files -> Launcher Configuration -> configure.dat

    Configure.dat is already configured for LOCALHOST(
    Copy configure.dat from Ferentus server files and overwrite it on the Ferentus
    install folder in Data folder.

    Make sure you have started Apache from XAMPP.

    Go to the client folder, launch Ferentus.exe and you should see is updating, but actually is doing nothing cause.. i don't really know here.. Maybe is searching for files, but i don't know how the Update server/Patch Server was configured and what files or lines of coding in the .inf files from "pds" folder should i write.

    You need to change IP addresses in update_open for launcher to go into the update process as in the screenshot below this.

    !!! You can leave it as it is in the archive to try and maybe debug something for the Login Server. !!!

    I don't know if there is a connection between the Login Server and the Update(pds files).

    And next, i need a Login Server for this...
    I don't know if the login server is an software application or a web software.

    The launcher doesn't require a Login Server.
    Only if you want to login into the game, will send you an error: Disconnected from the Login Server.

    Screenshot of the launcher trying to update.
    I have a problem with the launcher. I'm seeing more than a half. I don't know what is causing that. Maybe my resolution or my OS.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Okay. I've figured out how the Update Server works and what IPs are in the update_open.inf
    First IP is the Patch server. Second IP is the Login Server.

    I've managed to send some opcodes to the server.

    Now i have to build the Login Server so i could login. I have no idea how to do it! xD xD xD
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    Re: Ferentus Reverse Engineering

    Anybody knows how to build up the login server and enter into the game?
    Or to help me with those opcodes, what opcode to send to the client, how to read it from the client?
    I need everything and every help possible i can get from you guys.

    There is someone who made emulators for MMOs before? Or anything similar to this?

    Thaank you very much!

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    Re: Ferentus Reverse Engineering

    I don't know too much about reverse engineering packet structures through disassembly, but you can check the posts here where I asked how it was done:

    Personally, I would recommend giving it some thought if you want to spend several months if not years to build a server which is decent enough to play.

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    Re: Ferentus Reverse Engineering

    Thank you AcarX. I will take a look on that thread. Thank you again.

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    Re: Ferentus Reverse Engineering

    can we pay for someone to do it for us?

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    Re: Ferentus Reverse Engineering

    Quote Originally Posted by lior505 View Post
    can we pay for someone to do it for us?
    Maybe. Doesn't hurt to ask.