game with several ips

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    game with several ips

    game with several ips
    I'm sorry if this is the wrong area, but I hope someone can help me

    there is a game that its executable, can bypass the login menu (external) depending on the parameter, but there is another internal login system in the game, and the crazy part of it is, depending on the parameter, different ip appears on the login screen example: game.exe -example 1 = an ip appears game.exe -example 2 = another ip appearsand I don't know how to find these addresses, because it's been days since I've been able to find this in the game (use IDA and ollydbg)

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    Re: game with several ips

    There are some things to check.

    1- Check some stats App parameters usually means on Code -> If statements or Switch(on c++).
    2- One method could be, bypass those "Ifs" on ollydbg changing bytes based on what you already said.(Normally ifs statements are some strcmp with some CMP or JE statements on ASM)...
    3- Second Methong could be Nop all Trash with ollydbg. Check IDA for Start/End and test.

    Reverse is only test, crash & keep studing.