Reversing Pioneer Smart Sync app

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    Reversing Pioneer Smart Sync app

    Reversing Pioneer Smart Sync app
    I recently bought a pioneer multimedia receiver and tried their app. It is indeed a complete interface for your radio, it lets you control the entire thing over the smartphone. But I find some annoying things when changing the music from the app for example. When I search for a folder, go inside and select any file, when I come back to the music selection, it shows the root directory, not the last folder it was in... This is kinda annoying for me so I thought...

    Why won't I try to see what the packets sent over bluetooth looks like and I then try to make my own app just for selecting music, with my own custom configs, etc...?

    Then I tried switching my mobile phone to log bluetooth packets, from the developer menu. I just tried everything, it just won't work. I even edited the bt_stack.conf to force the bt log option to true but it just wont work. Forgot to mention, neither my desktop/notebook has bluetooth connections sad but true..

    So, into further research I tried decompiling the apk itself to see if I can catch anything, but no success so far. I'm not very used to decompiling APK's so the progress might be slow

    If anyone is willing to help me, even if by trying to log the bluetooth packets and sending to me (if you own such pioneer device) would help or even trying to decompile the APK and pointing me into the right direction.

    Official download links:

    ---- Edit ----

    Packet opcodes ->
    Packet builder class ->
    CarDeviceConnection (maybe the class that handles connection with the car?) ->

    Really hard for me to figure out what is happening without some actual log of sent/received packets. If anyone knows another solution to sniff bluetooth packets with only the smartphone would be nice.
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