Is it possible to get textures?

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    Is it possible to get textures?

    Warm greetings to all. I have a question for knowledgeable people. There is a game H5 or HTML + ... . Question: is it possible to get game textures and animations from this game? I found a manual for 3d on the Internet. But not for 2d.

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    Re: Is it possible to get textures?

    I can't really understand what game you are talking about.
    If it is a HTML game then yes it is possible to get all graphics from it.
    As for animations, they will be images if done the old way and they will be code if done via Canvas or similar technology. (assuming this is a 2D game)

    Getting all this is as simple and difficult as open your browsers web developer tools and mining the network and local storage tabs for files and their URLs.
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