Unpacking themida v2.x

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    Re: Unpacking themida v2.x

    Unpacking themida v2.x
    Quote Originally Posted by SheenBR View Post
    Nice! I just ran it directly, it loaded xtrap and asked me to run PT2Start.exe.Seems its working! wow! Teach me your magic. lol Will test more tomorrow and if I find any problems I tell you.
    I saw in the bin folder PT2GameGuard.eng and .tur thinking it has gameguard, but I didn't see anything in client to tell me so.

    Still works well?

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    Re: Unpacking themida v2.x

    Yeah, I figured out how to remove xtrap, it seems to only work when I run it from Olly though, lol, idk why.
    Now with it removed and able to run it with debugger, Ill try to see if I can find packets info now ^^ But all this stuff should be inside the Dlls, Core.dll/PlayGame.dll or PlayData.dll.. shoud investigate.


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