Requesting Nova Storm: Stellar Empire [Space War Strategy]

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    config Requesting Nova Storm: Stellar Empire [Space War Strategy]

    Nova Storm: Stellar Empire [Space War Strategy]

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    Tiberium alliance sister game. You start star zone. you level up skills through pilot, your base with cap of 30, gear up ship with equipment, lead alliances and engage onto fights with other alliances for the race of the throne conquest in the center of galactic map. Each star zone represents server. This game has been around ever since 2016.

    I have read on the news that this game will be dying eventually and by death I mean complete termination. The community is pretty awful, server shuts down from time to another with lack of support from Chinese staff. Add to it the functionality of the game and exploits in development of star zone are founded in the game day after another by players and it is being exploited. It will be nice if someone has some connection or any private server files. I am fan of this game and I wish resurrection of it in case they have terminated service. Many people will be happy for the same deal.